Especially for home schoolers

Language learning is something fun for the whole family to work on together! You can do it for a few months to learn the basics, or you can keep at it for years and watch your kids grow up with almost native fluency. See the “Spanish as a 2nd Language“ page to learn more about separate classes for young children and teens. We also offer private family classes, which are action-packed, suitable for ages three through adult, and designed to meet the needs of each individual family. (Family classes may not be available in every location.)

  • Where: We currently offer classes in East Mesa and Chandler, Arizona. Contact us for exact locations.
  • When: Contact us to find current openings in each location.
  • Cost: See the “Membership” page for pricing information.

If your children are already fluent in Spanish,
check out the “Spanish as a First language” page . These classes for Spanish-speakers may be joined at any time, since each student advances at his own pace.