See what people are saying about La Escuela.

Miss Ingrid has been teaching my kids Spanish for two years and her classes are the highlight of their week. Their enthusiasm for the language was birthed after only a few La Escuela meetings and has not waned since. My husband and I plan to continue their Spanish education with Miss Ingrid / La Escuela and add Latin and Biblical Greek as the years unfold. We are very thankful to have found La Escuela.
-- Kelley Hutta

"It was fun" says my seven-year-old. Ingrid has boundless energy, creative ideas and was very willing to modify the class to give extra challenges to our oldest. Her combination of linguistic knowledge with being a native speaker was invaluable.
-- Rebecca Lavy

La Escuela -- my daughter has been with Ingrid for two years. She started when she was four years old and loves it. We have watched her Spanish grow so much. No books, some homework, and lots of fun.
-- Angela Porter

My experience with La Escuela and Ingrid Giles was enlightening in many ways. Spanish was very confusing for me to comprehend but when I took Ingrid's Spanish class I was able to comprehend and learn to speak quite a bit. I enjoyed my first semester and am looking forward to my second!
-- Hannah, a High School student

We started La Escuela one year ago. My son was convinced he couldn't learn Spanish, and he loves it! He always looks forward to class with Miss Ingrid.
-- Sue Stokes du Bose